The Mercado Medellin Night Market

For those visiting or living in el D.F., be sure to pass by the Mercado Medellín night market to see the Christmas market in full throttle. Stands line the east side of the market and besides offering Christmas trees feature decorations of all kinds, some from China and some handmade.
But even better, are the puestos which open after dark and remain in service until midnight. These offer a variety of antojitos from pozole to enchiladas to sopes. Jolly diners fill long picnic tables set up in the street. There is warm punch to wash it all down and flan or buñuelos with honey for dessert. A don't miss Navidad tradition in the city. The Mercado Medellín is located between Monterrey and Medellín, Coahuila and Campeche in the Colonia Roma. If you arrive by Metrobus, get off at Campeche and walk east. Nearest metro would be Chilpancingo. Open seven days a week until past midnight. The night market will be there through December 23rd.


  1. Nick,

    I am glad you a presenting your book at FIL. My son works there so I will make sure he gets his copy (in English, I hope!).

    I will definitely visit Mercado Medellín, but I would like to know in which "mercado" you bought the paté and cheese for the last slow food event at L'Atelier.

    Saludos con cariño,


  2. congrats on your book, i may buy when i go to mexico, hopefully next year, and will try some of your suggestions, btw, mole is one of my favorite things in the world, cheers from london

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