Book Updates

Pozole Doña Yola
San Ildefonso 42
has moved off the street into an upstairs courtyard at the same location

Tamales Especiales in Coyoacán has closed the store but still take s pecial orders (Nov. 2009)

Le Cirque closed (April, 2009)

El Nivel, The oldest cantina in the city, at the corner of the Zócalo, has been closed "for remodelization", a term that in Mexico means "don't hold your breath for it to reopen". See NY Times article.

Pulquería La Hija de los Apaches

AO 206 - A nice concept but it didn't go.

Aguila y Sol - Gone, but Chef Martha Ortiz has opened Dulce Patria in its place.

Bar El Revés , Polanco - gone

Ham Ji Bak Korean Restaurant is closed, but we can recommend another one around the corner:
Biwon Florencia 20, upstairs, or Changwon, across the street.

O'Mei in the Hotel Nikko is closed - we will miss their Asian buffet; the Japanese place,Benkay no longer offers a Sunday buffet.

El Meson  Andaluz - The quality went down and so did the diners - gone