Edible Flowers in Mexico

Guest blogger Mary Stucky
I recently had the pleasure of accompanying powerhouse freelance audio journalist Mary Stucky on her quest for a story on edible flowers in Mexico. The month being February, the height of the dry season, I had little hope that we'd find more than dried jamaica flowers, but out in Malinalco in Mexico State (where I escape from the hustle, bustle and smog of my home town) some surprises were in store. So I turn this space over to Mary, who can't be outdone. The story (actually a radio broadcast) was aired April 10th on the World Vision Report, an award-winning radio program focusing on global issues and events affecting the world's poorest children and families.

Click the following link to see the story in print on Mary Stucky's Round Earth Media: http://www.roundearthmedia.org/2010/04/edible-flowers-in-mexico/

And this one to hear the audio: www.worldvisionreport.org

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