Meet the Author: Gilman's book presentation, March 19th

On Thursday, March 19, at 7:30 p.m. Nicholas Gilman will present the new Spanish-language edition ofhis book, Come Bien en México D.F.: La Guia de Puestos, Fondas y Restaurantes. Nick's award-winning book is the only insider's guide to the best food in Mexico City.The reception will be in La Bodega, Popocateptl 25 (at the corner of Av. Amsterdam) in Colonia Condesa. Copies of the English version will also be for sale.
Check out the following review by culinary writer Frances Beasely:
Worldwide, Mexican food has undergone a revival and is one of the most popular types of cuisine today. Whether casually cooked at home, as a quick bite in a take away or enjoyed in a more social form at a restaurant, it has become a regular highlight on many people’s eating agenda.
Similarly, a visit to Mexico has enticed many, whether as part of a tour or for an individual trip. Honeymooners rate it a great place too but one thing is for sure, food in Mexico is a truly special experience. Until recently finding a place that suited your palate in Mexico may have proved to be a challenge unless you had inside info from friends in the city. Enter Nicholas Gilman a resident of this great city and one who is a revered foodie as well. He has put together the must have good guide for any visitor to the city. Light enough to pack in your case plus essential reading before you go and during your stay. ‘Good Food in Mexico City’ encompasses a guide to everything from the plethora of food stalls to the ultimate in fine dining experiences.
The essential glossary provides an important guide for the terms used for the huge variety of Mexican food whilst a price guide ensures you don’t get any nasty surprises with the bill. Even better are the pointers as to which places are likely to take credit cards. In a city where one may be wary of carrying cash it’s important not to take for granted that fondas (inn or tavern) or any other type of restaurant will automatically take these. For those finding their way around on the metro, the stops are indicated in terms of their proximity to the places which makes life a whole lot easier especially for the first time visitor.
Food descriptions are helpful in ensuring you have the right expectation of the type of food you may be about to devour whilst practical hints on what to wear or be seen in (Prada shoes!) at certain bars and restaurants brings a smile but certainly ensures one doesn’t feel out of place by wearing the wrong thing to the wrong place – a common mistake for visitors in many cities! Grabbing a snack from a food stall is a popular pastime and whilst many embark on this with trepidation the old rule of cleanliness and common sense (has it been peeled or cooked?) still holds fast.
Whether you are looking for a bar with a vibe or peaceful roof top terrace, the section on cantinas and bars holds a mine of information as does the concise and helpful descriptions of the restaurants and in certain cases some of the fine buildings in which they are housed. A section with maps and useful websites is also a winner and tremendous help to those wanting to learn and do more in a city that grabs the visitor by the tastebuds and has you yearning for more.
There is little doubt that Nicholas, who has studied gastronomy at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and is also a member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals, clearly knows his stuff. The book is an excellent guide, a superb handbook and a must for any foodie who visits this fascinating city.


  1. good luck tomorrow. I love the english version,and plan to take it everywhere this summer when we visit mexico city!

  2. I know that your book is focussed on DF but I wanted to write that last Monday I had the most wonderful meal in a restaurant in Guanajuato called Las Mercedes (473 732 7373).

    The restaurant is recommended on a page in Rachel Laudan's blog entitled 'Restaurants in Guanajuato'.

    She also suggested to me that I ask them to prepare a special meal for a group of five of us which the restaurant did. The food was original regional cuisine and really outstanding.

  3. Nick,

    Muchas felicidades por tu libro en español!

    No puedo asistir a la presentación pero deseo adquirir varios ejemplares de esta excelente guía para "comer bien" en la ciudad!!!

    Recibe un abrazo con cariño,