Rick and Nick

I have always been interested in cooking and eating Mexican food, and many years ago I discovered Rick Bayless's book Authentic Mexican. I found it infinitely more usable than Diana Kennedy's fascinating, carefully researched, but complex tomes, and my original copy is now dog-eared and salsa stained. I had no idea until recently that he had become a TV star, as his series Mexico: One plate at a time doesn't play down here. So imagine my surprise when he wrote a complementary letter to me, asking for advice! No sooner had I answered when I bumped into him and his film crew at our favorite quesadilla stand in the Lagunilla flea market. I look forward to visiting his restaurant in Chicago some day, and perhaps, seeing some of my favorite street stalls on TV.


  1. you lucky dog you as someone who will be moving to Mexico City soon and a lover of cooking and food I have been brushing up on cooking Mexican food by watching some shows and yes Rick's is one and Daisy Martinez is the other and how great is it to run into one while working on the show.

  2. I just found this blog looking for a special place to eat tonight and noticed this post. Ha, I walked by when they were filming that day, too:


    I guess I should go try those Quesadillas.

    Nice blog!